Daylight indoors.

Improve health and well-being with the right light.

Light affects us visually, emotionally and biologically.

Light has a significant effect on biological functions and our daily routines, and is central to our well-being. Exposure to daylight affects our sleep quality, efficiency, alertness and similar other important factors for our health. 

Bringing natural daylight indoors.

Most people spend the majority of their days indoors, in light environments that fail to support biological needs. The BioCentric Lighting™ system mimics daylight indoors by combining all the visual, emotional, and biological dimensions of light.

"During the morning and office hours, I was more energic and productive. During the nights, I was getting more sound and restful sleep."
Eeva Hayashi
Head of Business & Partner Development, SONY

Experience the difference.

Light for every environment

BrainLit Elven is a fixed installation system which promotes well-being using BioCentric Lighting ™, in any professional environment. 

Light that is yours

BrainLit Alven is the world’s first personal, connected, dynamic and free-standing LED luminaire-powered BioCentric Lighting™ system.

Light for safer environments

BrainLit UVen disinfects both air and surfaces using UV-C light to deactivate pathogens and promote a safe environment.

A solution to fit your need.

BioCentric Lighting™ is deployed through both fixed and free-standing solutions, allowing user flexibility to accommodate different needs. Learn more about our solutions.